Zheng Zhang is the associate professor and the vice president of the Faculty of Music Education of Central Conservatory of Music, a postgraduate supervisor and a contemporary young composer. Zhang was the chief editor for Piano Fashion Release published by Central Conservatory of Music and the invited expert for Western Composition Theory Training Course hosted by Chinese Ministry of Culture. Professor Zhang specializes and teaches in Harmony, the Orchestration of Small-scale Band, and the Piano Keyboard Harmony & Improvisational Accompaniment. Professor Zhang’s representative works include: Xian-dong-yu-jue, a chamber music; Qi-pao, for Pi-pa; Jian-zhen-dong-du, a symphonic choir; Lu-shui-hong-yan, movie music; Zhong-guo-yuan-zheng-jun, a TV series music; and Be There, Shou-wang, Feng-yu Qing and Ai-de-xin-yang, songs.

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