Baritone and Choir conductor, he was born in Xi’an, the ancient capital of China. Being brought up in a musical family with strong Chinese folk music traditions. Since 2008, He XIaole is a Lecturer of the Institute of Music Education (IOME) of Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), where he teaches Voice Training and Choir. He is the director of the Concert Choir of IOME, He got his bachelor and master Degree in CCOM, and he got the National scholarship to be a visiting scholar in Kodaly institute of Liszt Academy in Hungary 2010. His was doing vocal pedagogy research with Dr. János Klézli and studied Choir conducting with Dr. László Norbert Nemes at same time.

He is the Lecturer of National Training program—School music education according to New System. Besides teaching, he also leads the Choir of IOME to take part in important music festivals and performances, such as the Bachfest, Beijing International Music Festival, Shanghai Expo. He performed the Chinese Oratorio “A Song of Everlasting Sorrow” as a soloist with Macao youth orchestra. He was invited by Tianjin Philharmonic Orchestra to perform Mozart’s “Requiem” as a soloist, conducted by Zheng Xiaoying.

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